Routines for females

Published February 12, 2014 by Mildred Fernandes

There are many health benefits for ladies concerning weight lifting.  Consistently utilizing weightlifting at home or in a gym as a method of exercise will let you reduce fat, create beautifully toned muscles, raise your energy (that does not need to signify massive muscles), and it can help you combat osteoporosis since studies have shown weight training enhances density of bone.

Including weightlifting routines within your weekly exercise regimen is definitely the best approach to create the thin and elegant physique that you want. By performing some strength training as laid out beneath you can expect to acquire tight and nicely toned muscles.

Low Volume Weight Lifting for Women

The crucial element for women who want a slim womanly body will be to strength train in a manner that will provide dense, toned muscle tissue as an alternative to massive, muscle mass.  This can be easily taken care of by how many sets and reps you complete for every resistance training exercise.   Unfortunately, that’s where many people go wrong.  

A lot of women seem to have been instructed somewhere along the line that in order to develop toned muscles they will need workouts in which they will lift lighter loads for very high reps.   As an example, is somebody is wanting to produce more tone in their biceps, they may find themselves doing 3 sets of 15 – 20 repetitions using a 5 lb dumbbell.  This isn’t the best approach to produce muscle tone!

If you wish to build well toned muscles while limiting the actual gain in dimensions of your muscle tissue then you will want to concentrate on low repetition workouts.  I probably wouldn’t encourage completing above 5 reps per set and only perform 3-5 sets.  Limiting all of your repetitions will allow you to work with loads that are a tad heavier.  This is actually fine.  It is going to force your muscles to create much stronger contractions (which is what we desire), but if you won’t do an excess of reps or lift to failure than you can minimize muscular enlargement.

Observe and Change

It is very essential that you always keep an exercise journal.  Write down the name of the physical exercise, the weight chosen, as well as the range of sets and reps.  This way you will be able to monitor your own strength gains and make certain that you apply continuous yet progressive boosts in weight.

Make sure that you be aware of your measurements.  When you first start out weight lifting you can expect to feel tender plus it can be expected you will put on a tiny size in your muscular tissues, but if you are feeling as if your muscles are growing bigger than you want them to in certain locations then scale back the quantity of sets that you do for that muscle group.  You may decrease the number of workouts pertaining to that group of muscles to one exercise for each week, or you might do just one less set intended for every single exercise for that group of muscles.   It really is alright to do less when specific muscle mass seem to be getting too big, however I actually recommend that you still work the muscle tissue to ensure that they don’t reduce tone.

Constructing my personal wieght room workout routines in this way has given fantastic benefits and I know it can achieve exactly the same for you.